Premier Pawnbrokers 
Open Monday-Saturday!

-Our Services-

We offer a variety of services at Premier Pawnbrokers! 
We Loan, Buy, Sell & Trade - 
Your satisfaction is our highest priority!


-Collateral loans from $1-$1,000,000!
-Vehicle Possession Loans (Cars, trucks, campers, dirt bikes and ATV's are all safe with us,  We have both a warehouse and an enclosed secured lot for storage.)
-Loans on just about anything of value! Jewelry, instruments, guns, electronics and collectibles among an array of other things can get you instant cash, just stop on in!

-Similar to taking out a loan with us, we buy just about anything of value, from electronics to knives and collectibles.
-Bring in your obscure items to sell and see if they make it onto the wall!  We're fond of keeping the real cool stuff to add a different feel and flavor to the shop.
-We also do trades for shop credit or items currently carried in the shop!

Shopping with Us
We carry almost everything under the sun.
-Electronics (Cameras, Video Gaming Systems, Televisions, Computers and Sound Equipment.)
-Musical Instruments (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Key Boards, Drums, Harmonicas and all kinds of accessories.)
-Collectibles (Sports Memorabilia, Knives, Swords, Etc)

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